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Application Program Interface Software

Software traders may program their own add-on applications in Excel, C++, Java, and Visual Basic with our proprietary Application Program Interface (API), which requires TWS to be running in the background. We encourage API users to test API components with the TWS Demo System before actually implementing any new API systems. Technical support for the API is provided via email only. Please email technical inquiries to

エクセル、C++、Java、Visucal Basicから使えるとあります。エクセルから使えるのが有難いですね。



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Posted by Tracie Mcfadden at 2007年10月11日 20:49
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Posted by Moises Vazquez at 2007年10月13日 07:32
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Posted by Kelley Parrish at 2007年10月13日 19:26
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